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Witness of the passing of time, now shines with love, Peace and Hospitality.

The story of the Padulicchie Farmhouse, nowadays known as “La Turrita”, is unraveled trough centuries, leaving tangible traces of its past and reliving in modern times in a whole new guise. Originally built in the sixteenth century, the structure has undergone significant transformations over the course of time, turning from a simple facility into a majestic, fortified tower lookout during the Renaissance. Over the centuries, several architectural details and historic symbols melted with the rocks, telling the story and the evolution of this place.

Nowadays, thanks to a thorough renovation work, the Farmhouse looks like an enchanted oasis, in which every corner is permeated by a magic and welcoming atmosphere, full of details celebrating its rich historic heritage. The light colors, the embracing scents and the suggestive lights harmoniously blend together, creating a timeless scenery that mesmerizes visitors. The calm and beauty of the surrounding nature are the calling-card of our authentic and welcoming Salento, which embraces its guests with the warmth and the hospitality typical of home.


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Un dolce invito a scoprire la cucina salentina

A wake-up call of traditional scents and colors

Every morning, the beating heart of the Farmhouse comes to life with the irresistible scent of freshly brewed coffee and baked pastries, giving rise to a unique experience of its kind. The expert hands of tradition, keepers of old recipes and secrets passed down from generation to generation, devote themselves with love and passion to the making of our breakfast, recreating the familiar and welcoming ambience of gathering around the table.

Main characters of this feast for the senses are pasticciotti, delicious Salento’s cakes, fragrant friselline and warm bread, sided by a selection of homemade confitures and seasonal fresh fruit. Every dish is made with care and attention to the smallest of details, offering the guests an authentic and memorable gastronomic experience.

In our breakfast, the respect for the tradition and the love for good cuisine become food, turning your awakening into a joyful moment of satisfaction that pampers your senses and anticipates the discovery of new adventures in the marvelous Salento.

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Discovering Salento

A territory to live

Salento isn’t just a territory: it’s art, it’s sun, it’s sea, it’s wind, it’s life.

Strategically located in the heart of Salento, La Turrita stands as a reference point for those who wishes to fully dive into its beauty and rich history. Within a short distance from Otranto, coastal gem with a millenary history, from the suggestive Alimini Lakes and the nature trails that characterize the whole territory of Salento, the Farmhouse offers its guests the opportunity to explore the many facets of this fascinating and magic land.